Instructor Intro: Andy Loveridge

Kia ora and hello from New Zealand/Aotearoa!

I’m sure you all are enjoying the festive and holiday season and are beginning to get exited about your Pacific Discovery Spring program in Australia and NZ.

My name is Andy and I’m super stoked to be one of your program instructors during our 10 week adventure along with my co-instructor Laurel. A bit about me, I was born and raised in rural NZ, in a province called Taranaki, and due to my work and interests have been based mainly throughout NZ and parts of Asia ever since leaving home.

After finishing my university studies I have been involved in various forms of adventure guiding including sea kayaking, whitewater rafting and tramping (pretty sure most people in the world call it hiking). The last few years however I have been educating in the outdoors predominately leading programs for Pacific Discovery in NZ, Australia, Fiji and Thailand. I feel super grateful to be in this role right now in my life and look forward to showcasing some of my home land and Australia’s sweet spots in the hope that we all will grow and develop individually, as well as a tight-knit whanau (family).

I encourage you all to slowly start preparing yourselves by reading some information about the history, culture and geography of the places we’ll be going to as well as staying physically active as both myself and Laurel have ‘heaps’ of adventures and expeditions planned. The most important thing though crew, is to have an open mind, ready to learn a whole lot about ourselves and surrounding environments.

One of the cool things about travelling ‘down-under’ is the diversity we will encounter. From the white sand beaches on the east coast of ‘Oz’ to the snow capped peaks in the south of NZ, we’ll experience most climatic conditions.  When packing then, have this to think about whilst also trying your best to keep it as minimal as possible, Yeewwww!

If you have any specific questions or need some advice about what to bring, please get in touch with either myself or Laurel. Happy New Year and enjoy your family time…

Can’t wait to see you all in Brisbane soon!

Andy L


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