Instructor Intro: Beth Farrell

Hello fellow adventurers!!

Just dropping a line to introduce myself and confirm that your excitement at our upcoming travels is entirely justified, if not understated.

My name is Beth and I am super stoked to be combining forces with Stacey to create your instructing team on our journey through South East Asia!

I grew up on a small tropical island in North Queensland, Australia, living an idyllic island lifestyle that involved splashing about in the ocean, running around in lush forests, exploring the natural wonders of the wilderness... which is not too far a stretch from how I spend most of my free time now.

I studied Human Movement and Education in Queensland, and immediately after my studies launched into extended overseas adventures. I have since worked in Education in various different countries - Spain, England, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, and in various different settings. I spent the last third of 2017 travelling around Southeast Asia, and cannot wait to share with you all the wonders of this incredibly rich area!

I hope you are all pretty chuffed with yourselves at the commitment you have made - in joining this program, in opening up your world to incredible, new and perspective-shifting experiences, as that commitment is not always an easy one. However I am confident it will be an absolutely rewarding decision, as the experience of travelling through these wondrous places, learning from the people who live there and from each other, will hopefully inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity around the world, as well as ourselves and what will soon be our Pacific Discovery travelling family... at the same time as having a heap of fun!

It's a great idea to get yourself in the groove for this adventure before you even depart - for which I would suggest checking out the recommended reading list, as well as ticking off every item on the packing list. It's important to have these essential items but nothing more! We'll be unpacking and packing up often, so the easier this is the better.

If you have any other questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to drop me a line, we are here to help! Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you in Bangkok!!




  1. Sam Selis   •  

    Hello Beth and Stacey,

    Our son, Henry Selis, is in Group B with you. We’re very excited about the upcoming adventure. I just wanted to say hello and thank you, in advance, for guiding him on this journey. I hope you all have fun, discover new and interesting things about yourselves and SE Asia, and that you all keep safe!

    We’ll be following along via the blog and social media.

    Thank you again,

    Sam Selis

  2. Karla Ebenbach   •  

    Hi Beth and Stacey, Thank you for leading this adventure. We cannot imagine all the wonderful ways this experience will impact Sylvia’s life and we are extremely thrilled that she is doing it!! Glad to follow along via Facebook and this blog, as well as the emails you send. We appreciate that communication.

    Yours, Karla Ebenbach and Ed Gross

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