Fresh eyes

Sleep is refreshing. When consumed by daily life, sleep can sometimes be the only way to put the mind at ease. We worry, we sleep, we wake up anew. But when living our mundane lives, do we really wake up anew? On my journey to Southeast Asia, however, sleep really does bring a new beginning. My blog begins in a quiet city along the mighty… Read more

From the mountaintop

In a remote village in the mountains, our group arrived for two full days of intensive Buddhist meditation. We began with discarding our old clothes and donning an all white set. This symbolized the beginning of our spiritual journey and the purifying (white) we would do. Our training monk introduced us to the ancient tradition of Buddhist meditation in Thailand with a late-night session. Our days… Read more

Living in a Poem

For the last four days, PD Group C was on a canoe trip on the beautiful Whanganui River. The river travels through the lower half of the North Island of New Zealand and took us through the most tranquil, scenic expedition that I have thus far experienced. Our time off the river was spent primarily mobilizing our belongings to the three campsites where we slept. We… Read more

Exploring the Unknown – #TBTwithPD

From the glaciers of New Zealand to the emerald waters of Vietnam and the foothills of Nepal, it was another thrilling week on the road with Pacific Discovery.

A week with the wekas

This week, we headed to the most beautiful place yet: Arapaoa, an island within the Marlborough Sounds.  From crystal clear waters speckled with sting rays to the tall peaks that make you feel like you’re on top of the world, the island is full of beautiful brush and unforgettable sights. The place felt like something from a movie – there was even a herd of sheep… Read more

Meditation Speculation

One of the most unexpected challenges I experienced so far on our Southeast Asia Semester was been the meditation retreat. Prior to the retreat, I was under the assumption that this would be something to my liking-I mean how could it not be since I regularly practice yoga and I’ve gone to a couple group meditations, ya’know? I suppose you could say I was expecting… Read more

The Mighty Whanganui

Traveling down the Whanganui River was an adventure set apart from any other experiences in my lifetime. I had never paddled a canoe for seven hours a day, packed all of my belongings for the week in a barrel, or woken up to as beautiful a sunrise as the one over our rain-soaked riverside campsite. This adventure was breathtakingly beautiful, challenging, and utterly unique. We… Read more

Discover: Marlborough Sounds

MacElliott wows us with her recap of student’s volunteer project in the Marlborough Sounds.

Inspiring Change Against All Odds

As we departed Chiang Mai and rode into the mountains, we saw a vastly different side of Thailand than what we had previously. We had recently visited Sukhothai, the ancient Thai capital, along with Bangkok and Chiang Mai, two bustling and growing cities. We were now seeing a more rural, traditional side of the country… and it was this lesser known part of Thailand that… Read more

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