Kathmandu impressions

Kathmandu is pretty amazing. The old city where I'm staying is like an ancient labyrinth teeming with life. It is hot and dusty at the moment which makes everything more intense. I love the tiny wooden intricately carved doorways that open in expansive squares and temples - hidden cities within the city On the flight here, from Singapore, I met a group from who are on a 23 day/10 country round the world globlal scavenger hunt - crazy! Just imagine the carbon footprint -… Read more

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New website under development

We're working on developing a new website at the moment. It's exciting, challenging and a lot of fun working out how to make it super easy to navigate and have all the information at your fingertips...but still look really inspiring. Scott's brother Glen is coming down for the weekend to give us some techie advice on the 'back end' - that's database stuff. Not sure exactly when it's going to go live, but hopefully sometime in June (trips to Nepal and Vietnam before then … Read more


Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia Hello Pacific Discovery Friends and Family, Sawasdee Ka from your loved ones here in Thailand. My name is Joei, 21, from California. And this week, I’ll be sharing my update for our Southeast Asia student trip. This week has been an incredible week filled with new adventures for us all. From tuktuk races, to canal boat rides, to train adventures…we’ve rapidly made the journey from Bangkok, north to sukhothai and now chiang mai. … Read more

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Departure Fall 2014
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