Kia Ora!
It’s been one month since we all have been in the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa, New Zealand. During this time we have been to the North and South Island. As a group we have decided  to share some insights from our travels in the form of Emojis. Have a read below to find out what we have been up to.


Lily: We’ve learned to really enjoy camping. Even though it’s been in the rain, the cold and sometimes the sun, we still have worked through it together and come to appreciate it even more.


Delia: Our group makes everything fun! Rain or shine we make the most of it. Some of our funniest memories come when we’re trapped inside because of the rain.


Nick: We’ve gone on some beautiful hikes and experienced some really nice views along the way.


Fairley: We got the opportunity to look at seals during our road trip down the west coast. Watching them actually living in nature was super cute and really cool.


Augustus: We went canoeing in a traditional māori canoe and got to see an amazing waterfall. We learned a lot about māori culture and their relationship with these traditional canoes.


Ori: Sandy, our van takes us everywhere. She may not be in perfect shape but she takes us where we need to go and to our adventures.


Mason: I was a phenomenal captain with even better debriefs. (The captains brief the group each day on the day ahead and debrief the day that’s gone)


Liam: We have a great group and it’s a definite rose. It wilted a little when one of our group members had to leave. We also do a chat about the rose, bud, thorn of the day for a debrief question which i enjoy.


Will: I saw oystercatchers and dotterels. I also saw the Tūī and the tieke. I spied an albatross and some kea with my pal Henry.


Livia: Every view we see is unreal, unbelievable and insane.


Amanda: We went mountain biking which was really fun. At first I was nervous but it ended up being one of my favorite activities!


Henry: We visited the snow in the mountains at the top of the South Island. We had lunch up there and then had the most epic spontaneous snowball fight. We couldn’t have planned a better day.


Madeleine: Road-tripping down the West Coast is simply incredible. It is full of epic rainforests, strange pancake rocks, and the bluest oceans ever!


We hope our stories and experiences can inspire you to take a Pacific Discovery program and even visit New Zealand one day!
Nga mihi nui,


Program in Emojis

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