The past week has been quite eventful for the Pacific Discovery students. The group continued their homestay with their loving and welcoming host families in the Agato Community, learning more about the Kichwa culture. The mornings would begin with the group giving back to the host community with extensive community service ranging from community cleanups to the planting of over one hundred and thirty trees. After completion of the daily service activities, students met back with their host families to help with daily tasks and learn new skill sets, whether that be assisting with the cooking, embroidery, beekeeping, jewelry-making or doing laundry in the river, just to name a few.

To bring to an end an amazing ten days in the Agato Community, on the final evening the Pacific Discovery group and their families held a showcasing to exhibit different forms of Kichwan culture that they had learnt from their respective families. Families dressed their new sons and daughters in beautiful, customary Kichwa attire and jewelry. Together, the new blended families performed traditional Kichwa dances, sang songs, played customary instruments and even put unique embroidery pieces on display. It was a beautiful end to ten days of action packed learning and service to prepare the group for the adventurous memories to be made in BaƱos.

Written by Kara 

Saying Goodbye to our New Families in Ecuador

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