Charlotte Stang arrived in Phuket on our Thailand Gap Year Program, and found herself deeply inspired by the natural beauty of the land, especially the beaches. Over the course of her first week on program, she wrote two poems for Patong Beach. We can't help but be amazed by the insanely talented students we get on program!


by Charlotte Stang


Can you imagine

a wide horizon

blotted clouds painted by a child’s finger

dabbled in clear whites and stormy grays.

Bright rays sneak through, pierce through

to glisten across the waves


Imagine a line

of swaying trees:

blue sky, clean sand, friendly heads—

bobbing and laughing, surrounded

by lush green mountains


Now imagine the in-between:

forward the clouds, back the mountains,

the sand barely an inch too deep—

grazing my toes as the waves lower, 

then swell, lifting me, pulling me,

the ebb and flow carrying me—

out to the clouds, in to the shore, 

aimless and purposeful between 

cosmos and friends, finally, 

I float



by Charlotte Stang

The ocean was playful that day.

It rose and fell, lifting her, pulling her in 

only to push her forward again, waves 

laughing with her as she turned

and jumped to let them crash 

across her back. The ocean spoke,

and she listened, and the clouds parted 

to see the sun light her eyes. 

The dolphins chattered and dove

around her, the fish nibbled her toes.

The current guided her away from rocks,

and the wind lifted her hair 

to dance behind her smile. 

The water glittered that day,

sunbeams sparkling off of flecks of gold

in the sand, in her eyes. 

She played, and the ocean sang, 

and the earth smiled that day.

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