Starting this blog off right by sharing that we successfully completed our 3 day kayaking journey! That covered 25km of Costa Rican, clear crisp and sunny coastline! During this trip we saw a variety of wildlife including monkeys and some very social dolphins that came right up to the kayaks. We were led by our leaders who were up for the challenge, Nathan and Allie.

Kayaking Adventure in Costa Rica

When we stepped into our first campsite we knew it was special. We all enjoyed jumping off the dock, especially Allyson, Sadie, Casey, and Josh enjoyed. Esteban also made up some very delicious passion fruit juice along with his talented cooking. Some of our group played frisbee with some of the family members who owned the place we all stayed at. One of the daughters told us that there were sharks in the waters at night time but sadly we hadn’t seen any despite looking around for a bit.

After arriving at our second campsite, Freddy and Miller went looking for coconuts along the beach while our amazing travel team/buddies cooked up a great lunch for the group. There were no chairs or tables at the campsite so we had to improvise by using the floor which really elevated the camping experience. Post lunch Justin, Or and Jordan hiked 30 mins to a waterfall on the way and they came across a snake, lemon tree, star fruit and according to Jordan, “cool birds.”

Kayaking Adventure in Costa Rica

And lastly our third stop on this kayaking journey! It was quite a surprise to see not much besides a small little kitchen. There was tons of grass and lots of beach, so it was very good for camping. The sunset here was incredible and we saw lots of turtles and even fish jumping out of the water. Nathan and Sadie went adventuring for some fresh fruit and came back with plenty of star fruit. Lauren even found some pineapple growing so hopefully our group can enjoy it in the upcoming days.

Waking up on our 4th day to howler monkeys was a sound that I don’t think any of us will ever forget. We then embarked on a dolphin spotting adventure that took up most of the day with Courtney and Ben captaining the boat some of the time. A pod of dolphins swam with the boat which was breathtaking. We then stopped at a reef for some group snorkeling. This was a great way to cool off and relax as we were all a bit sore after our 3 days of kayaking.

Kayaking Adventure in Costa Rica

Written by: Josh Lyons and Miller Spencer

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