We are changing islands! We have been in San Cristobal for 2 weeks and we are now going to Isabela. A 6:15 am pickup was required so I woke up at 5:45 am. Finished last-minute packing and made my way downstairs to catch the ferry. The boat pulled away from the docks around 7:00 am. I sat down and fell asleep until we got there.
We hung out in Santa Cruz for a couple of hours and got lunch before grabbing the next ferry to Isabela. When we got to Isabela, we went straight to the hostel to regroup after our long travel day. We hung out in the room until dinner, which was hotdogs and a corn-bean salad made by Chef Kim. After dinner, we just chilled and vibed and whatnot, got ready for bed, and went to sleep early.


We got up for breakfast at 8:30 and then left for a beach clean-up at 9 am. The beach was very beautiful and the weather was perfect! We cleaned until 11 and then went back to the hostel to grab our stuff before the ranch. We hopped on a bus to the ranch and immediately took a tour. They had a pool, tennis court, and trampoline. We put our stuff away and ate lunch.
After lunch, we played tennis and jumped on the trampoline. Payton and Anna-Talesia pushed me into the pool so I’m planning my revenge. We played Uno flip and I did horribly. When it started to get dark we hung out in the tent. Dinner was around 8 and it was octopus, plantains, and veggies. After dinner, we got ready for bed and fell right asleep.  


We woke up at 7:45 am because the dogs were barking and I laid in the tent until breakfast. After breakfast, we started our first day of work at the ranch. We were cutting down small bushes and ferns to clear out trees that had been previously cut down. We worked until 12 pm then ate lunch and played games the rest of the day till dinner. After dinner, we got ready for bed and went to sleep.


For our second day of service we cleared all the trees from the previous day, next we ate lunch and played games and swam in the pool till dinner.


We toured a farm in the morning and they served us lunch - 80% of the produce was straight from the farm! Next, we traveled back to the hostel where we did laundry and got snacks, and explored the island. We came back and showered. That brings us to this very moment I'm writing this blog...

Written by Samson

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