When we first arrived in Peru, we were given a very specific/odd warning. Our rad instructors said to us, "Getting accustomed to the food, altitude, the long hikes and the culture will make this first week feel like one of the longest weeks of your lives. However, after this week, time truly flies so try your hardest to be present and enjoy every second of this trip."

At first none of us really knew how to take this advice, you know? We had all just traveled for more than seven hours (35 hours for Priyansh, sorry bud) and were told that we have a long week ahead of us. However, reflecting on this advice three weeks into the trip, I must say, they were totally right. That first week, we were all testing the waters (literally), figuring out what our diets would consist of, and most importantly getting to know each other. Now, it is hard to believe that we are already 1/3 of the way done with the program.

I must say, my Spanish has improved more than I ever would have imagined. From negotiating the price of a bottle of Coca Cola, to navigating through a new town and buying a live chicken for our host family, I can say with confidence that I have all learned more Spanish from these last three weeks than I had in all eight years of Spanish classes.

The most surprising aspect of this adventure is the people on the program and the depth of these relationships. After only three weeks, I feel as though I've known these people for my entire life. We share secrets that we haven't even told our home friends; we stay up late telling funny stories; and, of course, we have already made ever lasting memories. I can't wait to report back in six weeks because I have no idea how much closer we can all get... All I know is that I am beyond happy that these are the people I am sharing this life-changing program with.

Lastly, parents: please don't be upset with your amazing children for not being as good at keeping contact with you like how you agreed to in the airport. The wifi in Peru is no bueƱo, but don't worry, your child misses you and can't wait to share their life changing journey with you in just a month and a half :( . Now that I filled all of you wonderful parents in on what has been happening these last few weeks, I'm going to go enjoy the picturesque Lago De Titicaca.

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  1. Melany Flynn Skorupski

    Wow! Your trip sounds amazing! Can"t wait to see you snd gear more about it. We are so proud of you! Love The Skorupski Family XO

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