Captain's Log from Hawaii-West

This is the final update from the Hawaii & Western US Program. Captain Jackson reporting. Whether or not this has been previously mentioned is unclear, but our team has a rotating captain (leadership) role that rotates every five days. Each rotation, the chosen captain takes charge of the fourteen of us. Your update this final week is brought to you by none other than this week's captain, Captain Jack. Here is this scallywag-crew’s final log. I began my leadership as we… Read more

Departure Fall 2021

Self-Led Week, a Time-Honored Tradition!

While our blog posts are usually written by the students themselves, we just had to share this story from our Hawaii & Western US instructor Lucy McGrath that is on the ground right now. Enjoy this week's tale about Pacific Discovery's unique self-led week, which has long been ingrained in our DNA. We truly believe in the amount of learning and growth our students experience throughout our semester programs, and this week puts that to the test, in the best way possible! … Read more

Departure Fall 2021

It's not all rainbows and butterflies

This week we hear from Alex on our Hawaii and Western Program. While our Programs make some of the best memories they are also a learning tool for our Students.   Alex:  As I sat at a wooden picnic table inside a quaint Hawaiian hostel with my left foot in a bowl of Coca Cola and surrounded by 13 people I considered strangers three weeks ago, I was forced to ponder where I had gone wrong in life to put myself in this situation. A year ago, if I could have seen myself … Read more

Departure Spring 2021