A practical and exciting solution for students deciding what to do with their upcoming College plans

It’s hard for us to resist the call of the forests, the rush of the rivers, the calm of the dark sky – and we want you along for the ride as a small group of us head into the magic of the Adirondacks! Covering over 6 million acres – yep, 6 MILLION ACRES – the Adirondack Mountains are the largest protected natural area in mainland USA. And for a full semester, we get to call it home as we explore its endless trails into the depths of its wildness.

We’ll live in log cabins, splash around in lakes, have good ol’ classic campfires, and maybe come a few inches closer to appreciating the nurture of nature. At times like these, removing yourself from unnecessary stress is extremely important for health and wellbeing, as well as giving you the mental space you need to concentrate on
your studies.

Our New York Discovery Campus will provide a calm, quiet base for study during the week, and exciting adventures in your downtime. This is a summer camp ground with two private lakes and all the stops- archery, riflery, rock climbing, soccer pitch, basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming, diving, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, sailing, rafting, and mountain biking all around you. Don’t worry, it still has great WIFI so you can complete your classes and then hit those 500 miles of trails! We think you’ll love this nature-filled semester location.

Monday to Friday you're a normal college student and on the weekends our program instructors will facilitate exciting adventures in your downtime, including;


• Rock Climbing
• Hiking in the woods
• Fishing in local rivers and lakes
• Kayaking 
• Mountain Biking 
• Rowing
• Archery and Riflery Range
• Environmental service learning projects


Still have questions? Watch our webinar from Fall 2020 here

For full program details, please request the information booklet


  • Students who are enrolled to study online for the upcoming semester
  • Students who are enrolled in a college that will be closed in person for the Spring Semester
  • Students who have concerns about returning to the normal college environment when COVID-19 makes large gatherings concerning
  • Students seeking a greater emphasis on development in non-academic areas
  • Students looking for an interesting campus experience in their own country, or perhaps if travel allows in other countries, whilst still maintaining their original college plans
  • Any student, seeking culture, service, adventure, and travel – without giving up their studies and chosen college
  • Students looking for a tight-knit community of friends and meaningful relationships while studying
  • Something a little less ordinary from college life, and totally unparalleled by the average semester exchange


Our group will be staying in a rustic and charming camp. The Dining Hall and Long House are majestic rooms with
wood floors, stone fireplaces, and exposed beams. There is a large kitchen for cooking group meals. The sleeping quarters have warm, inviting twin bed rooms. There are clean shared bathrooms and plenty of room to relax and unwind.


Catered food option:
Full Semester: $1,300
Quarter Credit Semester: $1,050

Includes healthy and nutritious food delivered to camp, with rotational group cooking and cleaning

Self-catered logistics:
Campus staff have access to vans to do food runs with students once a week or students can take private car. Supermarkets approx. 30 minute drive away.

Program Tuition Includes

  • Comprehensive orientation & cultural induction
    • Accommodation
    • Meals - self-catered, class-catered or provided
    • Dedicated & supported study time
    • Internet, study resources, workspace
    • Core syllabus based on personal development
    • Elective co-curricular programs
    • Optional activity & excursion program
    • 24/7 Pastoral care & Support
              * Teaching assistant
              * Experiential educator
              * Campus hosts
    • 24/7 Emergency assistance

Duration 95 days
(plus independent extension options)

Program Tuition $10,800 USD Estimated Flight Cost $700 USD
Availability Open
Group Size 31 Students & 2 Instructors Ages 18 - 24 ideal
Optional College Credit No Start/Finish Adirondacks, New York