A practical and exciting solution for students deciding what to do with their upcoming College plans

COVID-19 has brought our world to a standstill. So many of us have faced challenges. Many feel huge disappointment as plans have to be changed or cancelled. And what comes next?

The fall semester of your freshman or sophomore year of college may not have looked anything like you dreamed it would. If your college campus looks to be closed this upcoming Spring, you will be planning to study online at home, possibly for the second semester in a row. This is not the most exciting plan and it might be driving you a little crazy. Or your College campus is open, but social distancing means the social, fun event-filled calendar you had planned will not be happening. Maybe you were planning an epic global Gap Year adventure, but that too is looking difficult. It’s all a bit unbelievable, isn’t it?

What if we told you there was another option- a really great one? What if you can keep your college education on track AND be based somewhere beautiful with freedom to explore, study, and be surrounded with awesome like-minded people? It is time to introduce you to an option we believe will give you the best Spring 2021 Semester you never knew you could have....


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What we do

Discovery Campus runs campus programs around the world, for students who want to live and study in different regions of their own country, or in different countries & cultures in the world, without having to compromise their college study.

Why we do it

We believe today's student needs more from traditional college education. Life experience, purpose, passion, global citizenship, and skills for the real world outside of academic life.

How it works

Simply choose to do more, learn more, and grow more than everyone else. Then select a campus program and a campus co-curricular elective. Once studying, you can optionally participate in the excursion & activity schedule at the time.


Complete your own degree, at your own college, online. We will provide a remote workspace, resources, and dedicated teaching staff to support you individually.



Core Curriculum


Activity & Excursion Program

Pacific Discovery excels at providing engaging and exciting activities and excursions that allow for people to enjoy fun new experiences, but also immersive challenges that encourage self-reflection and personal growth. On Discovery Campus, the weekend and semester break activities will widen their perspective on the world, teach them about looking after our environment, and give them a well-needed break from study life with their campus friends.



Still have questions? Watch our webinar from Fall 2020 here

What are the main benefits of a Discovery Campus?

  • Travel, culture and adventure
  • Small class and campus sizes - 12-36 students
  • Life skills and independence
  • Exciting core co-curricular programs
  • Dedicated study support to help with your studies
  • Become part of a social, fun community of students
  • A chance to explore a beautiful region while simultaneously studying at your College
  • A better way to complete your online degree

Who is Discovery Campus for?

  • Students who are enrolled to study online for the upcoming semester
  • Students who are enrolled in a college that will be closed in person for the Fall Semester
  • Summer school students, who are enrolled, and their college is closed for the Summer
  • Students who have concerns about returning to the normal college environment when COVID-19 makes large gatherings concerning
  • Students seeking a greater emphasis on development in non-academic areas
  • Students looking for an interesting campus experience in their own country, or perhaps if travel allows in other countries, whilst still maintaining their original college plans
  • Any student, seeking culture, service, adventure, and travel – without giving up their studies and chosen college
  • Students looking for a tight-knit community of friends and meaningful relationships while studying
  • Something a little less ordinary from college life, and totally unparalleled by the average semester exchange

  What’s included?

• Comprehensive orientation & cultural induction
• Accommodation
• Meals - self-catered, class-catered or provided
• Dedicated & supported study time
• Internet, study resources, workspace
• Core syllabus based on personal development
• Elective co-curricular programs
• Optional activity & excursion program
• 24/7 Pastoral care & Support
          * Teaching assistant
          * Experiential educator
          * Campus hosts
• 24/7 Emergency assistance


Still have questions? Watch our webinar from Fall 2020 here

Our selected Discovery Campus locations have been chosen by our Management team based on their unique settings, as well as access to locations for Core syllabus, elective and excursions programs. Our locations are not urban areas or large centers. This allows for a more focused learning environment, as well as a safe haven from the stress of our modern world.

We have carefully chosen options that do not require air travel for our students. We hope this allows people who do not wish to travel by air, or cannot travel by air, to still have the opportunity for a life-changing experience. Many of us around the globe are guilty of not exploring the beautiful areas in our own backyard, this certainly is a chance to do so in a constructive and tailored scenario.



Click on the links below to learn about each of our awesome Discovery Campus locations!


The Big Island, Hawaii:

Come get that Aloha feel with this incredible domestic semester option! On our Hawaii Campus, you'll dive into some incredible culture while enjoying the best of both worlds, forest and beach combined! If you are ready to explore volcanoes and lava fields, hike to massive waterfalls in the tropical forest, and end the day with sunsets on the beach, this is for you! Maybe you want to pick up surfing, snorkeling, diving and never had the chance to stay long enough to master the skill. Why not learn the history of the Polynesian journey or how-to Hula dance. Come enjoy the waves, the sun, and marine wildlife while also maintaining your college grades. 

Hawaii Campus Dates & Fees (all prices in USD)
Full Semester : 18th January - 23 April 2021 : $8,050
Quarter Credit Semester: 22 February - 23 April 2021 : $6,800
Catered food option:
Full Semester : $3,500
Quarter Credit Semester : $2,700
Instructors will bring students groceries each week accommodating any dietary needs. Students then self-cook in their kitchens.
Self-catered logistics:
If you want to take care of your own food, no problem. Local supermarkets are about 10-15 minutes away.
Full Semester approx $1,600
Quarter Credit Semester : approx $1,200
Includes Mauna Kea Summit Sunset Tour, Crater hike and Rainbow Falls, Eruption Encounter, Local Food Tour, Valleys and Waterfalls Tour, 4 x beach days incl. transport and gear rental, and everyday bike hire.


Newland, North Carolina:

Do you wish you could get out into some woods, far away from hustle and bustle? Go as remote as you can and take over a summer camp while you complete your college courses online. Enjoy ropes courses and ziplines or push yourself further with rock climbing and hiking the 750 acres of beautiful Appalachian nature you can have all to yourself. Our North Carolina Campus has multiple mountain peaks and natural trails perfect for stargazing, nature photography and camping. You'll also have access to local fishing, caving, mountain bike riding and other mountain adventures. Don’t worry, it still has great WIFI so you can complete your classes!

North Carolina Campus Dates & Fees (all prices in USD)
Full Semester: 18th January - 23 April 2021 : $6,550
Quarter Credit Semester: 22 February - 23 April 2021 : $5,850
Catered food option:
Full Semester: $2,350
Quarter Credit Semester: $1,850
Includes healthy and nutritious self catered breakfasts, and catered lunches and dinners in accommodation hall
Self-catered logistics:
Campus staff have access to vans to do food runs with students once or twice a week. Supermarkets approx 15 - 30
minute drive away.
Activity package:
Full Semester: Approx $1,000
Quarter Credit Semester: Approx $750
Includes rocking climbing, ropes courses, caving, white water rafting, SkyPark, 2 x overnight hikes, 4 x guided hikes, camping, visit to the Georgia Equestrian Program.



The Adirondacks, New York:

It’s hard for us to resist the call of the forests, the rush of the rivers, the calm of the dark sky – and we want you along for the ride as a small group of us head into the magic of the Adirondacks! Covering over 6 million acres – yep, 6 MILLION ACRES – the Adirondack Mountains are the largest protected natural area in mainland USA. And for a full semester, we get to call it home as we explore its endless trails into the depths of its wildness. We’ll live in log cabins, splash around in lakes, have good ol’ classic campfires, and maybe come a few inches closer to appreciating the nurture of nature.

Adirondacks Campus Dates & Fees (all prices in USD)
Full Semester : 18th January - 23 April 2021 : $8,500
Quarter Credit Semester: 22 February - 23 April 2021 : $8,500
Catered food option:
Full Semester : $1,300
Quarter Credit Semester : $1,050
Includes healthy and nutritious food delivered to camp, with rotational group cooking and cleaning.
Self-catered logistics:
Campus staff have access to vans to do food runs with students once a week or students can take private car. Supermarkets approx 30 minute drive away.
Full Semester approx $1,000
Quarter Credit Semester : approx $800
Archery, Riflery, Paddle boarding, Rock climbing, Fishing, Kayaking, canoeing, rafting, mountain biking, Whiteface Mountain and Saranac Lake excursions



Still have questions? Watch our webinar from Fall 2020 here


Spring Dates 18 Jan - 23 Apr, 2021
Duration 86 days
(plus independent extension options)

Program Tuition $13,150 USD Estimated Flight Cost $700 USD Cost depends on location, starting from $9,500
Availability Open
Group Size 31 Students Ages 18 - 24 ideal
Optional College Credit No Start/Finish Differs for each location