Our Adventure Leadership Programs take adventure to the next level!

Our Adventure Leadership programs were created to provide opportunities to gain valuable qualifications while emphasizing personal development and global citizenship. 

If you are looking for a challenging GAP Semester and are someone who loves the outdoors this is the right choice for you. You'll gain valuable training and leadership exposure in a structured but laid-back environment designed to give you all the tools to make you ready to take on any challenge. 

You'll head out into the backcountry, to places most only dream of seeing to learn everything it takes to become an outdoor guide. Gain guiding qualifications in Hiking + Rock climbing, as well as an outdoors-based 40-hour first aid training program and a Swift-water rescue certification. 

Our action-packed itineraries encompass all of our developmental and educational ideas. We aim to provide an immense array of experiences, activities and environments within an adventure travel context that focuses on building social and community relationships and an ever expanding level of independence and responsibility for yourself and others.

Patagonia. Where else in the world would you want to become an adventure guide? Rugged, remote, vast and sublime - Patagonia’s beauty is unrivalled, and the trekking is unreal.
From technical skills to emergency safety and group dynamics, our comprehensive 3-month Adventure Guide Program will prep you with all the skills needed to pass your guiding qualifications and feel confident to guide groups. And you get to live in Patagonia for 3 months. Rad.

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