Vietnam Summer Program: Cat Ba National Park & Halong Bay

Owen belatedly joined the group and has fitted in easily - like he has always been here. Our small group is great, relaxed, easy going, inquisitive and always up for a challenge. After picking up Owen in Hanoi we made our way to Cat Ba Island, northeast of Hanoi and situated within Halong Bay. We were met by Mr Hack, a good guy working with the National Park Service on Cat Ba Island, who was our main liaison during our 5 days on the island volunteering to help the envir… Read more

Peru Program - Ceviche, Coca, and Cusco

These are just three of the many new things that I have discovered during my first week in Peru. Ceviche is a delicious national food composed of a type of fish served mixed in with vegetables and plenty of lime juice to create an overwhelming flavor. The coca plant, which may carry a bad connotation in the US given that it can be turned into cocaine (which we have been told is an arduous and expensive process out of the capabilities of most Peruvians), is an everyday no… Read more

Departure 2008

Peru Summer Program - Dos

My twenty-minute walk to school this morning from my homestay in Santiago, an area of Cusco to the south of the main plaza, was eerily calm. Due to the country-wide transporation strike, "Paro," a protest of rising gas prices, among other complaints, I didn´t have to constantly guard my toes from speeding taxis, which swarm the city´s narrow, cobblestone streets with what seems like no sense of caution or pedestrians. Still, though, the city retains its constant buzz of … Read more

Departure 2008

Peru Summer Program - Una

After arriving late Saturday, little did the group know their day would start by exploring catacombs, and end with paragliding and eating octopus ceviche. But such are the adventures when you´re traveling in Peru. The group is getting along well, and have been learning as much from each other as they have from Peru. Through out the trip we´ll be composing a group guidebook for future Peru adventures. Each participant has been assigned a section of the book, and will… Read more

Departure 2008

Vietnam Summer Program - Part I

Well this is a hectic country full of lush beauty and contrasts, it challenges your mind, beliefs and your nerve, while all at once being relaxed, friendly and safe. We are only at the very beginning of out trip but already have experienced so much.   At present there are 5 of us,including the leaders, while we pick up Owen, our 6th tomorrow. We started off in Hanoi, straight into the old quarter and the hustle and bustle. Small narrow streets, choked with vans and wha… Read more

Loving Vietnam

Sitting cross-legged in my cabin, typing on a laptop while listening to Sigur Ros. If I turn ninety degrees, the view through the window is from a movie - golden ocean, limestone islands, distant boats and the sun on fire, a few fingers from the horizon. One week into a Vietnam trip for 20 students from Nelson College for Girls and loving it! No hitches or glitches and the most arduous part of the trip behind us. We started with a long flight to Hanoi, the same night bo… Read more

Departure 2008

Sunrise kora

Tashi Dalek - It is a peaceful and cool morning. I am several km's out of Kathmandu downtown at a famous Buddhist site - Bodhnath. I've been doing a sunrise kora, clockwise perambulation, around the stupa with hundreds of Tibetan and Nepalese buddhists. Very awesome. And certainly beats last night's adventure when I went visited Swayambhunath stupa (possibly most famous site in Kathmandu), and on the way down from the hilltop, got caught on the perimeter of a rally that … Read more

Kathmandu impressions

Kathmandu is pretty amazing. The old city where I'm staying is like an ancient labyrinth teeming with life. It is hot and dusty at the moment which makes everything more intense. I love the tiny wooden intricately carved doorways that open in expansive squares and temples - hidden cities within the city On the flight here, from Singapore, I met a group from who are on a 23 day/10 country round the world globlal scavenger hunt - crazy! Just imagine the carbon footprint -… Read more

New website under development

We're working on developing a new website at the moment. It's exciting, challenging and a lot of fun working out how to make it super easy to navigate and have all the information at your fingertips...but still look really inspiring. Scott's brother Glen is coming down for the weekend to give us some techie advice on the 'back end' - that's database stuff. Not sure exactly when it's going to go live, but hopefully sometime in June (trips to Nepal and Vietnam before then … Read more


Thailand, Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia Hello Pacific Discovery Friends and Family, Sawasdee Ka from your loved ones here in Thailand. My name is Joei, 21, from California. And this week, I’ll be sharing my update for our Southeast Asia student trip. This week has been an incredible week filled with new adventures for us all. From tuktuk races, to canal boat rides, to train adventures…we’ve rapidly made the journey from Bangkok, north to sukhothai and now chiang mai. … Read more

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