Southeast Asia Program: 10 Points for Me!

So, I have decided that I have a new goal for my trip to Southeast Asia: Live Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I have the coordination of… well.. something without any coordination… (for example I have a scar on my arm from running into a wall this summer) and can't walk a straight line if my life depended on it. Which probably explains my fear of heights… you know… falling into a canyon or chasm really wouldn't be a surprise from someone who fell out of… Read more

Southeast Asia Program: A new kind of BBQ

I am having a ball on this trip. The group is into short runs, yoga, and muay thai in the morning, followed by breakfast composed of tropical fruits and flavors seldom found in North America. They are challenging themselves physically through trekking activities, emotionally through the difficulty of interacting with those of different cultures, and mentally as they try to understand the history and languages of SE Asia. And through it all they are smiling and laughing. … Read more

Southeast Asia Program: Part 2 - Mae Sot, Umphang, and Chiang Mai

Ok, so to pick up where we left off: After spending the night in Mae Sot we got up early in order to go have breakfast over in Burma/Myanmar. We took a songtao to the border where we passed through Thai immigration, walked over the bridge that crosses the river dividing the two countries, and paid our 500 baht and left our passports at Burmese immigration (they make you leave the passports as collateral so they know you will come back!). The changes were immediately not… Read more

Southeast Asia Program: Part 1 - First Few Days....

From September 30, 2008: Hello from Mae Sot! We just got here a couple of hours ago after the 2 hour drive up from Sukhothai where we spent last night. To rewind a bit, I got into Bangkok right on schedule and met up with Mels and Glenn (our two guides). We waited for several of the other people to arrive (CC & Zac & Sophea & Bennett). We took a crazy little pimped out van to the guest house in western Bangkok (the New Siam II) and got to bed around 3 am. The following… Read more

Southeast Asia Program: Sawadee and welcome to Intensity!

I now proclaim the initiation of the Fall 2008 Pacific Discovery Blog! Whew, where to begin? To be frank, immediately after stepping off the plane, we've all been propelled into an intensity of experiences. And it is only until now that I have had a moment to reflect on the past week. And what a week it was. Most of us arrived on Saturday where we had our first team meeting and orientation at the guesthouse. Slowly we got to know each other through awkward introduction… Read more

Southeast Asia Program: Safe Arrival

All participants have arrived from their overseas flights. We've just had a delicious Thai meal and are off to catch some Zzzz's. 5:30 a.m. start tomorrow morning! We are headed towards the old capital city (1238--1438) known as "Sukhothai." Sukhothai translates into the "Rising of Happiness." Signing Off For Now! Mels Read more

Sawasdee From Bangkok, Thailand!

Sawasdee From Bangkok, Thailand! Mels and Glen here. We are thrilled to be in the land of spicy foods, tuk-tuks, smiles, and sanuk. In just one hour the first participant arrives. Stay turned to this blog for fantastic updates on our travels. It's sure to be an adventure. Bangkok Facts: Bangkok Population: 10--15 Million The world's 22nd largest city by population Official Name is "Krung Thep," translating into "City of Angles." Capital was founded on top of a tiny… Read more

New Zealand Program - From Queenstown

So we are now in Queenstown at the final station of our journey together before the group starts making their own way to their respective homes. It has been oh too easy to be swept up on this trip with each place offering new experiences and thus a severe neglect of blogging duties...sorry. Here's an attempt to capture the last 2 and a half weeks into a read worthy blog and before the money runs out on the internet! A challenge indeed. From our island of Urupukapuka we … Read more