SE Asia Program: Vietnam Bound

Sabaidee from Luang Prabang, Laos! The group has arrived from three days of remote river travel in the north western part of the country. We traveled the muddy waters of the Nam Tha River for a day and a half, slept overnight in our boat driver's village, and then joined up with the mighty Mekong River to bring us all the way to the town of Luang Prabang. Luang Prabang has a population of approximately 50,000 people within city limits. The town was given UNESCO Worl… Read more

SE Asia: Welcome to Laos

Ok, a fast and gritty summation of our recent travels and experiences unfolds below: Upon arriving in Luang Nam Tha in Loas we checked into a guest house, and crossed the street to enjoy food at a night market. I had a "chicken salad" which consisted of a halved chicken head, a partially developed embryo, some bits of neck, liver, stomach, and feet. Yuuuum. The following day we set off trekking in the Nam Ha river valley. Muddy trails led up the side of hills mottle… Read more

SE Asia Program: Laos Adventures

October 11: Today we started our two day trekking trip in the Nam Ha area. We left from the Boat Landing Guesthouse after breakfast. My group was doing the Nam Ha Valley Trek. We drove 15 minutes by songtao to the village of Ban Nam Lue where we started our trek. We hiked for about 3 hours, mostly uphill, to the ridge dividing the two villages land. Some parts of the trail were pretty muddy but overall not bad. We met a local woman along the trail with a huge bag of supp… Read more

SE Asia Program: A New Type of Fish Stick

I go out of my way to find the interesting, bizarre and tasty... which is odd for a Wisconsinite, no offence to us, or our cooking styles. But the only thing is culinarily (I think I made that word up) sophisticated is the cheese, I wish I was lying, but my staple foods are meat and potatoes (cheese is its own category), with salt, and maybe, if the chef is adventourous, pepper. Our beer is cheap (shout out to Milwaukees Best and Schlitz!!!) and the remaining food consis… Read more

Southeast Asia Program: Chiang Mai to Laos

Let's see, where did I leave off? On Oct 6, we had an early breakfast and then walked over to the Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures office where we were outfitted with climbing gear and loaded into songtaos for the 30 minute drive out to Crazy Horse Canyon. When we arrived we split into two groups (I was on Team Ahoy Ca-toi or Hello Ladyboy!!). My groups first activity was a casual walk through a couple of large caves including an introduction to cave formation. Then w… Read more

New Pacific Discovery website is live

We've just put the new Pacific Discovery website live! It will take a couple of weeks to make sure everything is working ok before we officially launch the site. If you've just come here from a referring site like, please bear with us as we re-link to the correct pages. It's been months of work in the making and we are really happy. Enjoy taking a look through the site and send us your feedback. Kind regards, Scott and Rachel Read more