NZ Australia Program - First day

Today was the first day that we all got together and had our first meetings. It was all alot of fun, and in some ways adventurous; we were running/sliding down hills, dodging sheep paddies, and hanging off monkey bars! Then took I much needed R&R; at Mission Bay beach. Everyone in the group seems to have a certain dynamic to add and I think we are all excited to get started on our adventure, I know I am. Tomorrow we depart at 6:30 am for the Bay of Islands, our first vo… Read more

Southeast Asia Program: Cambodian Experience

Sua sdei from Cambodia! How is everyone doing!? =) Here is my Cambodian experience: Takeo Province: After bribing the Vietnamese officials at the Vietnam-Cambodia border (We gave them coconut candies), we entered another splendid country including magnificient temple ruins, endless acres of rice fields, smiling orphans and beautiful skies. On our first few days in Cambodia, we home stayed in a small town of 10,000 people in the province of Takeo with a ki… Read more

Southeast Asia Program: Luang Prabang to Hanoi

A mini summary since Luang Prabang: We had a full free day in Luang Prabang which is the day I called and spent a ton of time uploading photos. The next day we took songtaos out to a beautiful waterfall where we had a picnic lunch and climbed to the top of the waterfall to swim in the water just above it. The following day we flew into Hanoi and hung out in the Old Quarter until we had dinner at Bar 69 and took our bus to the train station to board the night train to Lao… Read more

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