Cu Chi & WAR

This moring was an early wake up between 5:00 - 5.30am as we had to be down in the lobby at 6am. Breakfast was served with a massive bread roll including jam, butter and bananas. After breakfast we hopped on the bus and travelled for an hour and a half to the Cu Chi tunnel site - I think a lot of people learned something! It was very interesting and the majority of people chose to go through the tunnels and the lucky few left behind had to hold all the bags! We also went… Read more

Hanoi to Saigon

Day 10 started off early, with two wake up calls at 5.25! We all jumped on the bus at about 6 for an hour long ride to the airport. We sat around at the airport for a while and finally checked our stuff in, but just as we were about to head to customs, an attendant came over and started looking for some one from our group with brown hair! I knew I wasn't in trouble because I have red hair :) Lucky Ben got taken out to the "back room" and we were all pretty worried, but h… Read more

Hanoi experiences

Woke up after a fantastic night sleep at the Gold Spring Hotel, very relieved to be on dry land and not be surrounded by water and not soooo much seafood! The hotel is lovely. I had breakfast with Laurentel at around 7 - juicy watermelon, potato, french toast, toast and a selection of other foods were available. The bus was a hour late, shock horror! But made it to the Museum of Ethnology, randomly walked around and saw displays and sculptures from different ethnic group… Read more

Random memorable moments in Vietnam

Take a bunch of senior Hagley students to Vietnam and what do you get? - TK, Casey and Annie leaping and dancing in a Hanoi downpour, much to the amusement of the locals - Alison wearing an incredibly glamorous banana leaf hat on the trek in Sapa - Jules, get himself locked in the bus at a toilet stop, all the while dying to do number 2 - Evy discovering her life's calling as a street vendor - Michelle using her expert bargaining skills t… Read more

Hello from Humid Hanoi

Hello there from insanely busy Hanoi. As I sit and write a chorus of toots accompanies me and a light monsoon drizzle adds to the humidity outside. It is hard to believe that just a week ago we were in Singapore which is definitely "Asia lite" compared to Vietnam - more like one big shopping mall - the kids loved it! We spent only 12 hours there, breaking up our flights. The second day saw us arrive in Hanoi and visit the Temple of Literature in steamy heat, before eatin… Read more

Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam

We were finally in Vietnam. The doors of the bus swing open, and within seconds we were befriended by the local women of Sapa. Doesn't that sound nice...more like bombarded! And when we say bombarded we mean 20...might have been 30 women and little girls all vying for your undivided attention to buy things from them. They weren't afraid to be ruthless. One of these little girls, Jew , took a shine to Mick. And when someone takes a shine don't expect to be walking … Read more

First day of our adventure through Cambodia and Vietnam

Aimee here. I am with the group from Hagley Community College and as we speak I am standing at a computer with swollen feet and red face from the heat. Walking out of the Singapore airport terminal and onto the footpath I walked into the surroundings of what felt like a sauna. Most of us wanted to head back into the airport and onto the plane because it was so much cooler. But we had a bus to catch. Everyone loved the bus ride to Habitat hostel where we slept, 8 to a roo… Read more

Thailand volunteer summer program launched!

Our new Thailand summer program has just been launched and registration is open for July 2010. It will be an amazing month in the 'Land of Smiles' with two fantastic volunteer projects as well as a ton of adventures and cultural immersion. Participants spend a week at the Elephant Nature Foundation caring for elephants and learning an enormous amount about elephant care and conservation. This is followed by a week at Chiang Mai's Migrant Learning Centre, a non-profit e… Read more

Farewell to Saigon and SE Asia

Just one night to go before our group flies home to their soft beds, their favourite pizzas, their boyfriends..or whatever it is they are most craving. In Alex's case it's the 11 shower heads in her bathroom. I hope she doesn't drown!! The last part of the trip seemed to go very quickly, as is so often the case. We've compared Hanoi to Saigon, and unanimously we prefer Hanoi. It's certainly much harder to cross the roads here. Our stops in Hue and Hoi An, in central … Read more

Departure 2009

Vietnam is da BOMB!

Hey all, This is Alex Woodcock and I am currently on the Vietnam summer trip and having the time of my life! Been avoiding getting hit by crazy little vietnamese dudes on motos, jumping off junks, and making friends for life! Just some amazing memories to talk about: 1. Night trains (you really don't sleep on them) - a sleeping pill is advised. 2. Hannah got stung by a JELLYFISH in Halong bay - CRAZY stuff. 3. "You buy from her, but why don't you by from me." -… Read more

Departure 2009
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