Central America - Spring 2021

Our Scuba Diving Journey!By Katherine Tilson If your child has not been checking in often, here is your confirmation that they are alive and well! The first week of activities has been fun and rewarding for everyone. We were split into group A and group B for scuba diving and have had a great time getting to know each other in these small groups. Each day, one group had an early wake up for diving while the other slept in and could explore Cozumel. On day one of divin… Read more

Meet your Spring 2021 Instructors

It's time to meet your Instructors for Spring 2021...    Hawaii Semester Program Group A | Instructors: Chris & KimChris hails from Auckland, New Zealand. He has a background in sport science and physical education, and absolutely fizzes over any outdoor pursuits! Chris has spent the last two and a half years working and traveling around North America, currently calling Fernie (a small ski town in British Columbia) his winter home. He cannot wait to swap the snowboard … Read more

Why You Should Take a Gap Year

Contemplating a gap year, but just not sure?  Jenny Nathan, a Boston University Blog Contributor, recently interviewed student alumni Aniko Springsteel. See what she has to say...   Q: Did you know you wanted to take a gap year?   A: Yes, I definitely knew I wanted to travel because I’d loved doing it so much before. Because of what I was planning on studying, it also seemed like it’d be really useful to gain a more global perspective and learn as much about the worl… Read more

Western USA Group A - Student Led Adventures

Student leaders, Jackie and Luke, filled us in on all things Student Led Week; What they did, where they went and the adventure that ensued!    "During the second week of November we embarked on the official Self Led week for the trip. In a traditional Pacific Discovery Self Led week, students must plan getting from one destination to another (Ours being Onalaska, WA to Crater Lake, OR) using a budget.  We had been anticipating these dates for many weeks with many gro… Read more

Western USA Group A - Mount Rainier National Park

With only a few weeks left of program, Western Group A get stuck into forest exploration in Mount Rainier National Park, Halloween away from home, and self reflection.    "Our week as captains started off with a bang—the biggest grocery list this side of the Mississippi. We were on our way to the Mount Rainier Institute, an organization within the University of Washington located in Pack Forest and would be far away from a grocery store for the entire week. After visit… Read more

Hawaii Group A - Beachside Camping

What's happing over in Hawaii? We touched base with student leaders of the week Elliot and Ryan to find out what they got up... "We crammed into the van, drove down a long bumpy dirt road and arrived at a beautiful white sand beach, a day trip to Makalawena Beach planned by Elliot, situated under the doming masses of Mauna Kea. The waves were majestic and perfect for the group to boogie board. Afterwards, we headed to another white sand beach that was really a blend of … Read more

Western USA Group A - Onwards and Upwards

This week we hear from students Alex and Kayla, as they make their way to the coast!    "We began our week as captains with a long drive from Coeur d'alene, Idaho to Oak Harbor, Washington. On the way to Oak Harbor, we stopped in Seattle to visit the first ever REI, complete with a massive fireplace and outdoor waterfall. For lunch, Pacific Discovery treated everyone to Dick’s, Nathan’s favourite burger spot in town. Eventually we arrived at the Coachman Inn where near… Read more

Western USA Group A - Halfway Mark

The adventure is only halfway through, as Western USA Group A reach the mid-program mark in Missoula, MT! Students Eric and Lauren fill us in on what they've been up to in the last couple of weeks!   "We started off our week in Missoula jumping right into some conservation work with our guide, Porter. Our first task was to build stairs into a really steep trail leading up to a local climbing crag, and even though it was cold and a little bit rainy, we were able to warm… Read more

Western USA Group A - Heading North

Western Group A work their way north as they pass through Yellowstone in Wyoming, onto Missoula, Montana. Find out what they got up to in between...   "Our group started this week with a drive to Yellowstone National Park. We were finally leaving our campsite and although we had a lot of fun, I think all of us were ready for a hot shower and a bed. Our drive to Yellowstone was about 2 hours and when we got there, we waited for the Old Faithful Geyser to go off. I think… Read more

Hawaii Group A - Permaculture and Surf Camp

Hawaii Group A continue their adventures with Big Island Farms...   "Our first day at Big Island farms started with an early morning wakeup. For many of us, it was the first time sleeping in cabins in a sleeping bag. We began our first full day at the farm with a briefing on permaculture farming from one of the interns Hailey. She explained that permaculture farming revolves around the idea of working with nature instead of against it. She introduced the idea of a clos… Read more