Tashi Dalek - It is a peaceful and cool morning. I am several km's out of Kathmandu downtown at a famous Buddhist site - Bodhnath. I've been doing a sunrise kora, clockwise perambulation, around the stupa with hundreds of Tibetan and Nepalese buddhists. Very awesome. And certainly beats last night's adventure when I went visited Swayambhunath stupa (possibly most famous site in Kathmandu), and on the way down from the hilltop, got caught on the perimeter of a rally that was being dispersed with tear gas. I hightailed it in the opposite direction, but not before being momentarily blinded. Caught a taxi away pronto, and was soon back 'home' at the Utse savouring a plate of Tibetan noodle soup - a little more excitement that I'd been hoping for!

I've met some lovely people and discovered great places to eat, stay, wander in the last few days, but am now definitely ready for some time in the mountains - Khumbu trekking here I come.


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