Hello from Chiang Mai, Thailand! This is my first time blogging on the team blog and I want to share about our fun experiences from a few days back in Sukhothai, the ancient capital of Thailand. Although back then it was known as Siam - always makes me think of the movie The King and I. It was built in the 13th century I believe and the best way to explore the ruins...bicycle! I have ridden many bicycles in the states but these bikes proved to be quite a challenge to get used to for some reason, not sure why. I think maybe it was the angle of the handlebars or something, anyways, we had some interesting first time rides on our Asian bikes as the first few forward pedals all resulted in crazy wobbles. Basically had to learn how to ride a bicycle again. But so much fun! Imagine a group of 15 cruising down the road on bikes, trying to admire the ruins peeking out from behind the trees, take pictures, steer, and not run into traffic at the same time. And did I mention the brakes didn't work too well? I hope my mom isn't reading this...

There is so much history in Sukhothai it felt like an honor to cruise around on our bikes and walk through the ruins. Other tourists were there, as well as a Thai art class on a field trip of sorts, making sketches of various statues and architecture. Others offered incense and flowers to Buddha. I love the colors of Thailand! And the smiles are so infectious! Until next time!

Taylor Sandelius

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Program Southeast Asia Departure Spring 2009