After arriving late Saturday, little did the group know their day would start by exploring catacombs, and end with paragliding and eating octopus ceviche. But such are the adventures when you´re traveling in Peru.

The group is getting along well, and have been learning as much from each other as they have from Peru. Through out the trip we´ll be composing a group guidebook for future Peru adventures. Each participant has been assigned a section of the book, and will be also be blogging about their section throughout the journey. So stay tuned for some of their insights.

Peru thus far has been packed with numerous adventures for each of us. For me on the last night in Lima I had a mini adventure of my own. While trying to find the @ sign on the keyboard at the internet cafe, I heard what sounded like gunshots, but no one flinched at the internet cafe. Later I learned it was just some fireworks, and what seemed to be an impromptu fiesta had begun on the streets. A large crowd had gathered around a group wearing white masks, with dead alpacas strapped to their backs. The mysterious group were dancing to their music and whipping each other literally, into a frenzy. Later I learned the celebration was for the virgin of Cusco. It seems most major cities in South America have a virgin they celebrate.

I later followed the group to another fiesta where I began speaking with some police as to the origins of this party. The officer wanting to make me happy decided to grab a woman and instructed her to dance with me. My protests weren´t heard, and after a dance and trying to excuse myself another women aged 70 grabbed me and we proceeded to Cumbia also. After a few twists and turns I was permitted to leave and given a medallion with the virgin's photo.

Plenty more of these adventures are to be had by our fun-loving and adventurous group here in Peru. So stay tuned for some more of Pacific Discovery´s inaugural Peruvian adventures.

Peru Program Leader

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