Our Instructor (Daniel) is running a half marathon in his Thailand Quarantine hotel room while on one of our Spring Programs. We couldn't describe what he is doing better than he does himself:

'I'm running a half marathon in my hotel quarantine room in Bangkok to raise money for cancer, specifically Hodgkins Lymphoma.

21 kilometres on the 21st of Feb for a supportive and connected 2021

I did a trial run two days ago, running back and forth a few thousand times for about 2 and a half hours and adopted new blisters and a real appreciation for a longer running track (the room is 8 meters long). I want to do it again, and dedicate the experience to one of the students who should have been here with us right now but woke up on the morning of her international flight to be diagnosed with cancer. It's a crazy world with so many injustices, but we are all in the fight together. Support me not just to support cancer research, but to spread connection. Even those of us in hotel quarantine can be a part of a global change.

Human connection is as important now as it has ever been, there needs to be a positive change, we just have to be there for one another.

I am working for a gap year company Pacific Discovery and I have been touched by another young person I know who is in the fight against cancer. Cancer has affected almost everyone I know, it’s unfair, it doesn’t discriminate and those affected need support and positivity. I don't care how much money I make but this is a gesture of my support and solidarity. Thanks for showing your support too; SMILE FOR POSITIVE ENERGY.

Below a shot of our group during the 16 day quarantine doing Zoom sessions together:'
We as a company are fully behind Daniel, his cause and his amazing positivity. If you have time please drop Daniel a message through our Facebook or Instagram and we will be sure to pass this on.
If you would like to donate visit his Go Fund Me page and really help make a change.

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