The Fall Semester is coming up fast and we know many students’ plans are still undecided for the upcoming academic year. COVID-19 has changed the landscape completely for studying, with many unsure they want to head to their College campuses if socialising and lectures will be limited, and other students feeling like online study costs are too expensive and are looking to defer and take a year off. 

Looking after yourself has never been more important, and a chance to have a break from education and daily life will be much needed by many.

With over 19 years experience helping teach students to expand their perspectives, build resilience and meet challenges head on, it was our turn to look inward and create something to continue to support young people to grow... even in these confusing times. 

A new normal is ahead of us, but we think that doesn't mean students need to compromise or delay their educational journey, or give up plans for any fulfilling activities or adventures in the next 12 months. On this note, we are very proud to introduce to you our Domestic Semester Programs and our Discovery Campus.

These two offerings present two very different, but exciting options for students this Fall.

If you are looking at Fall and considering studying online…  due to health concerns or campus restrictions, then our Discovery Campus is a great option to consider. It's studying online, with your College (or independent learning), but at one of our small safety-conscious campuses, based in an inspiring location in your home country or abroad. You'll focus on your college papers during the week and join our exciting activity and excursions in the weekend. Surfing in Hawaii, hiking in Yosemite or simply chilling with your new mates and unwinding in Florida, there IS an option which means you are away from home and being independent just like College, but in a smaller campus scenario that will focus on keeping you safe and healthy. 

Click here to view the Discovery Campus info booklet

If you are looking to defer a year… but are still keen to do something constructive with your time, learning about new places and people, growing as a person, then our Domestic Semester Programs are worth a read.

Our domestic programs will deliver the same amazing learning experiences that our international programs do - learning about the people, culture, history, and environment of the regions we visit, which might mean hiking, surfing, community service, environmental service and much more. Then we will relate these experiences to bigger picture concepts of globalization, human rights, environment, sustainability, and ethics. The second element of our gap year program is to provide a framework for students to learn about themselves, push their boundaries, question their assumptions, stimulate problem solving skills, and gain group and leadership skills.

Click here to view the Hawaii / Western US Semester Program info booklet
Click here to view the Western US Semester Program info booklet
Click here to view the Eastern US Semester Program info booklet

2020 now needs to be about positivity, learning and growth.

We are very proud to have two exciting, constructive ways for students to consider for Fall 2020.  We look forward to helping individuals make the most of the year ahead, filled with purpose and fun, as well as a chance to gain much more than they realised was awaiting them this year.

If you’d like to chat further about these options, please get in touch, one of our team is more than happy to talk through more about what its all about.

Kind regards,

Nicky, Austin, Oritt, Zach and the team at Pacific Discovery


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