Check out Instructor Sophia's review of the group's first surfing experience:

As we pulled into the Surfaris site, the anticipation to go out and surf was felt throughout the group. Leaving the campsites where we slept in tents, it was quite refreshing to sleep in actual beds and have meals cooked for us.

The Surfaris site was energy-filled with positive vibes and friendly welcomes, as a result of the incredibly open and fun personalities accompanying us on this journey. The team there provided us with meals, shelter and great banter! 

Before we were able to go out and surf, we were given the task of pulling out invasive plants in the area and planting trees which was hard work, but at the end of the day was fulfilling and work we could be proud of. The people we met in the process of giving back to the environment were also incredibly knowledgeable and kind. They taught us about the region, as well as gave us hope - explaining how our generation could make a much-needed change for the climate for a brighter future. 

Next up, it was time to go and surf! We pulled into the beach, anticipation rising and the excitement being fueled as we watched the waves roll in and roll out. Ben, the surf coach, was incredibly helpful and showed us the basics of surfing. He helped us find waves to catch and supported us in being able to stand up and get better at surfing.

The 3 days of surfing were packed with joy and fun, although unfortunately Chanu had to go to the hospital to get his appendix removed after only the first day. Nonetheless, the weeks was packed with new adventures and good times. We had some growing pains along the way, but at the end, we all came out stronger as a collective. I can't wait to see what new adventures and experiences are in store for us next.

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