Touchdown in Australia!

I think I can speak for us all when I say we were all pretty anxious to arrive to begin our adventures with the completely charming and winsome “land down under .” As we slowly begin to learn culture and the lingo, we are yet to see a dingo! The long plane put me in the mindset of ancient voyagers. The flight was long and intense at times but it ‘twas the start of our journey. We were greeted with the most cheerful and wonderful attitudes. Everyone was quick to talk and open up.
The airport was a long wait but was very fun for our preconceived conceptions of the places were slowly dripping away from the canvas and allowing for the images to take place of the canvas. The airport was similar to the United States but different with a more touristy feeling to it.
Surfing, swimming and the animals filled up our first couple of days and we were exposed to the intense heat and culture within minutes. Our van rides were fun and we had lots of good meals. 
The diversity within our group gives us a unique dynamic that I think gives us a quicker and stronger bond right off the bat. Many walks and lots of talks with local legends such as Uncle Norm to learn more about the indigenous people and the culture in which we as mostly foreigners were uninformed of. 
More adventures ahead! 
Calvin & Chanu
(This group is on our New Zealand & Australian Semester Program, read more about it here)

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