The day we went to The Bay of Islands, we woke up really early, made some breakfast and packed the trailer. It was about 3.5 hours up to the Bay of Islands, which actually went by pretty quickly. On the way we got onto a ferry to get to Russell, where we stopped to get lunch and snacks for the week of volunteering. We met Chris, the DOC (Department of Conservation) man we would be working with the most. Once we packed all our packs and food onto the small boat we started our ten minute journey to the island, which was beautiful. Our campsite was pretty much on the beach. We had to unload the whole, packs, DOC equipment etc, and than we set up our tents - which was an adventure. Then we all went exploring. Some went for a hike, some swimming and some just relaxed by the campsite. It was a nice easygoing day...which didn't last...dun dun dun :)

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