Kathmandu is pretty amazing. The old city where I'm staying is like an ancient labyrinth teeming with life. It is hot and dusty at the moment which makes everything more intense. I love the tiny wooden intricately carved doorways that open in expansive squares and temples - hidden cities within the city

On the flight here, from Singapore, I met a group from who are on a 23 day/10 country round the world globlal scavenger hunt - crazy! Just imagine the carbon footprint - not to mention the jetlag. They boarded a flight in San Francisco and are getting off in Toronto in 3 weeks, and have no idea where their next destination is. They only found out at 10pm last night that they were coming to Nepal. Then I wandered up to business class to see if I could get a better view out the window at the spectacular himalayas as we were coming in - Everest...tick.

I've been traipsing the narrow streets chockfull of pashminas, felted wool items, Tibetan art and knock-off North Face mountain gear. In a few short hours I've tried a papaya lassi, apple strudel, sweet mint tea (really good) and lemon soda. Am heading 'home' to the Utse Hotel shortly for a big plateful of momo (tibetan dumplings), and may try the yak butter tea, before settling in for an early night, and an some escapism (started reading Eat Pray Love on the plane and am loving it!).

Internet is pretty slow and there's a daily power cut (actually twice daily for 4-6 hours each time with a rotating daily schedule), so I should go before this gets lost in the ether.


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