High fashion city meets beach town in Hoi An! Not their fashion, not
the Italians fashion, but Your fashion. This small beach town has
hundreds and hundreds of tailors and tailoring shops with every
cotton, silk, linen and polyester known to man and its up to you to
point to something you like in one of their catalogs, bring in your
own picture of what you want, or just design it yourself. From
suits($60) to shoes($20) to boardshorts($15), they make everything,
and quick, usually a day maybe two with alterations. From the
beautiful and elegant dresses of the ladies, including Sam's long silk
dress and Emily's chic black skirt, to the Men-in-Black suit of Jeremy
and Colin's all-white suit, Pacific Discoverers came together to form
a pretty stylish bunch, and made quite a scene in the lobby of the
hotel preparing for the fashion show. After all was said and done the
awards are...Taylor Sandelius for Best Dressed Female, Jeremy Coleman
for Best Dressed Male, Emily Meader for the Wearable Art Award,
Mckenzie Cook for the Most Elegant Award, Jack Crestani for Hoi An's
Next Top Model Award, and Audrey Campbell for Best Overall Modelling

Enough about that though, Hoi An as an awesome beach town is much more
interesting. From luminescent waters at night to some guy I watched
herding buffalo by bike, it doesnt really get boring. The
bike-herding was a peculiar sight I saw while sitting in a cafe having
a drink, wasn't able to snap a picture but yea, it was quite a shock
for someone not used to seeing water buffalo being herded through a
city. That night was another annual event, 'guys night out'. Craig,
Jeremy, Will, Colin and I ditched the ladies (they did their own
thing) for a night of beer, pool, beef, and biking. Awesome times.
And all this combined to have us end up late-night on the beach. But
not any beach. The waters at Hoi An possess a special type of
plankton that lights up like a starry aura around you when you swim
through it. The plankton react to movement so that when you swim in
it, splash it, or move a part of your body through it, a thousand
bright tiny stars immediately illuminate. Truly the most magical
experience of my trip so far and one that I will never forget.

Jack Crestani

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Program Southeast Asia Departure Spring 2009