Walking through the streets of Bangkok to get a massage, my first impression of Thailand was one of vibrancy, color, andchaos. There is a great contrast in the city: huge skyscrapers and tiny shacks; small  lively restaurants, concrete buildings undergoing construction, and wonderfully ornate temples.

Stalls line the bustling streets where locals sell all types of street food, some of which I certainly wouldn't find back home in England - grasshoppers, and even scorpions! The city is packed with people while the roads are full of pedal bikes, tuk tuks, motorbikes, cars, and buses all speeding along, carving paths through the traffic.

After a couple of busy days in Bangkok we traveled to Sukhothai, the ancient capital of Thailand. While there, we spent a morning cycling around the ancient national park.  For me, it was the most incredible thing we'd seen so far. Bangkok's Wat Pho was of course beautiful and, as it was the first Buddhist temple I'd ever visited, I was especially enamored with the intricate design and peaceful atmosphere.

However, these remains in Sukhothai were really a sight to behold - maybe partly because of the thoughts of a rich history that they inspired in me. As we walked around, I tried to picture what this breathtaking site would have been like when it was first built. 

Being able to sit at these Buddhist temples while discussing and learning a bit about Buddhism made me realize how blessed we all are to be be on this program, an adventure as vibrant, colorful (and perhaps chaotic) as Thailand's capital city.

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Program Southeast Asia Departure Spring 2017