Avery gives us an insight into life underwater: 

We started scuba today and I don’t think any of us could put into words how we were feeling. Nervous and excited I guess! For a majority of the group, this would be their first dive. Although it sounds easy, telling your body to breathe underwater can be difficult. For those with some dive experience, their priorities were more about perfecting skills like neutral buoyancy and air consumption. By the second dive it became a kind of game to see who could safely have better buoyancy while also using the least amount of air.

Our last dive with Jorge Scuba with was bittersweet. We were focused yet, relaxed. We took our time and used every breathe with intention. It was so easy for us, we might as well had been breathing on the surface.

All in all, the entire group surpassed different challenges from safety skills, to having better spatial awareness within the water. And as of today we can say that we are certified divers. Most important, we can all finally understand what it means to safely experience the joy of diving 60ft below the surface.


(Avery is part of the group currently travelling on our Central America Spring Semester.)

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