Let's catch up with one of our students Ava, who is living the dream in the Caribbean Sea:  

For the past couple days we have been doing a lot of traveling from Mexico to Belize. 

Yesterday we left on a sailboat for three days of island hopping and camping. The first day was beautiful and very sunny and we went snorkeling and attempted to spearfish. Although we had no luck spear fishing, we did catch a fish off the boat!

The first island we went to was Rendezvous Caye, where we played ultimate frisbee, watched the sunset, and camped for the night. For dinner we had a delicious meal and played fishbowl which is a competitive game of charades. The next day it was very windy and a little rainy but we still braved the water on the boat. Some of us went swimming and snorkeling but the waves were pretty big, so we hopped back on the boat after a short time. After a couple hours of sailing we arrived to Ragge Caye where we got to play with the two island dogs and help prepare dinner and fresh ceviche.

After dinner, we were all exhausted and called it an early night. On the last day, we visited an island that had over 500 birds flying around it, and searched for manatees in a lagoon. Then we we took a small speedboat to land, and said farewell to the ocean as we took a bus inland to the jungles of Belize. 

(Ava is part of the group currently travelling on our Central America Spring Semester)

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