Here we are in dreamy Central America!
I remember arrival day like it was 15 days ago. After leaving the freezing fudging winter of Chicago, Mexico’s warm, welcoming breeze lifted my spirit. We were all strangers. We had all definitely stalked each other’s social media’s, and I’m sure everyone found the wrong Devin on Instagram because the first question I got was, ”You’re a dude!?”
We made it through orientation and bonded through the sweaty, salty, sandy, small shared beach bungalows. 
During our week of Spanish school, I got to practice my Spanish skills with a doctor from New Orleans and a German woman who had a super fascinating life story!
Oh, and I almost forgot about our trip to Chichén itza. Those ruins were the coolest I have ever seen! For those who dont know, the Maya were so savvy they could emulate the sound of a bird through the top window of the main pyramid, instigated by a clapping sound in the courtyard. Pretty loco. 
Right now I am looking forward to diving with the chicos and chicas in the coming weeks. It was a tough farewell to Slic Ric my new mate from our last town, but as Jorge from Chicken Pizza (one of our favorite Tulum restaurants) told us, there is only “hasta luego” (see you later). :) 
Devin Barbour 
(Devin is currently living the dream on our Central America Semester)

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