Feb 3, 2009 - Emily Long
After an eventful day of rock climbing and rappeling yesterday, we headed out from the campsite to spend a day traversing and caving... wow.  What an experience.  There's just no way to really put into words the feelings you feel when you are crossing a cave 45 meters in the air, with just a rope to support you.  And there's no way to put into words how you feel as you squeeze your body through tiny rock tubes into an entire new world under ground.  As a first time caver, I didn't think I'd make it past the entrance of the Furnace Cave, too small to stand up in, let alone crawl along the dirt on my stomach through holes barely bigger than me!  But I did!  What an awesome experience.  How often do you get the opportunity to play in dirt and mud in a cave, in Thailand! Our group is so encouraging and supportive of eachother.  The positive attitude really made the day. 

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Author Emily Long Posted

Program Southeast Asia Departure Spring 2009