Bula, Extending a welcome warmer than the hot and humid air temp in Fiji to each and and all of you, 
the soon to be New Zealand and Fiji Summer Crew!

Currently nestled in a hammock beneath a coconut tree, I cannot wait to share with you all both New Zealand and the Western Division of Fiji.

My name is Lou one slice of your program leader equation, Along with Kim thrilled to be shortly embarking with you all on this occasion!

I was born and bred in the New Zealand nation, raised by hobbits, sheep and isolation from the hustle and bustle of civilisation.

I have grown up with a huge passion and background in Outdoor Education I am also a pushover for any form of adventure or exploration!

I am excited to share with you some of the things I love to do most, While traveling throughout New Zealand and the warm Fijian Coast!

But I am even more inspired to watch the group come together in flow And as individuals branch out of your comfort zones and grow!

As the restless countdown is on for this Summer trip to begin, I encourage you all to take time when packing and be sure to throw in your open mind, heart and a massive grin!

The temperature in NZ currently is somewhat fresh, So be wise with your choice of clothing and give your wet weather gear a good test!

This trip will be bursting with no doubt bulk amounts of adventure, laughter, conservation, education and group interaction, Come ready for a month jammed packed filled of action!

Take some time now to reflect and jot down some ideas as to what you hope to gain from this trip, So come day 0 you will be ready to squeeze out maximum program goodness and be ready to rip!!

Please do not hesitate to touch base with any questions, comments or concerns leading up to your departure date, That way we can hit the ground running upon your entrance into the Auckland arrival gate!

Be sure to make yourself known via email or on our Facebook page, In turn our Pacific Discovery ‘family’ can begin to engage!

Both Kim and I cannot wait to meet you guys,

Until then… keep it real, stay healthy and pack wise! Lou


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