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Hello Pacific Discovery Friends and Family,
Sawasdee Ka from your loved ones here in Thailand. My name is Joei, 21,
from California. And this week, I’ll be sharing my update for our Southeast
Asia student trip.
This week has been an incredible week filled with new adventures for us
all. From tuktuk races, to canal boat rides, to train adventures…we’ve
rapidly made the journey from Bangkok, north to sukhothai and now chiang
mai. Right now, we’re preparing for a weekend of caving, climbing and
camping instruction. YIPPEE!
Maybe a few pictures would help you catch up :)
On Day 1 we arrived.
On Day 2 we visited Wat Pho and Wat Arun

(Wat Arun had some *steep* stairs.)
On Day 3 we visited the golden mount

And in the afternoon, courtesy of Hayley E., Evan S. and I were able to try
fried scorpion. (It tasted like snake. salty and crunchy. *yum*) Then we
had our first Thai massage in Bangkok, which most members of the group
evaluated as an experience that “*hurt so good*”. haha.
In the evening we celebrated Julia B’s 20th birthday at a little restaurant
nearby in the midst of a haiku and artwork exhibition and topped the night
off with half melted ice cream. Day 3 was also the night when Jack flew in.
He had missed his flight earlier; but the 3-day wait was just time given to
suspense: because when he came in, we mobbed him with hugs and talk and
questions. :)
Day 4 was our travel day from Bangkok to Sukhothai. We began the morning at
6am. And during our 30 minute wait at the train station we managed to:……1)
participate in the national anthem and king’s salute (which happens daily
at 8am); 2) almost get arrested by train police with a mischievous sense of
humor, for playing cards; 3) witness the cutest thing ever……

This dear old monk, watching us play cards and banana grams.
And off we went- on our adventure north.

Day 5 (Today). In the morning, we departed for Sukhothai Historic Park,
where we took a scenic bike ride around the many temple ruins. To Evan S’
Father: Your son did you proud on the bike, sir. :)

(Hopefully we can reupdate this blog post with more people photos later. I
know that’s what the dear parents must be most anxious to see.)
Finally, in the afternoon, we took a 3 hour car ride from Sukhothai to
Chiang Mai and arrived in Chiang Mai in the late afternoon. We checked into
our hotel; and afterwards, the entire group of 16 students went out to the
dinner together and strolled along the walking street at the night market a
little down the road.
Personally, having already had time to experience life in Thailand for the
last 6 weeks, I’m able to confidently say, that the student group is
growing in their language skills: their Khob Khun Ka/Krub(s) (thank you)
and their Sawasdee ka/krub(s) (hello); dabbling in their more adventurous
sides in trying the delicious food Thailand has to offer; and getting
*really* good at bargaining haha.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! We’ll hopefully update again next
week. Good luck and God bless!
- Joei

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