A Final Farewell from the Leaders

Fare thee well, to our tremendous PD group We wish you the safest journeys home The trip is nearing towards the end and we don’t want to say goodbye But we will say it four times now… Kap Kuhn Ka, Aug On, Cam On, Kup Jai It has been an incredible time wandering with you all from place to place We will miss your silly antics soon and everyone’s beautiful face To our man Jack, we bid adieu to Mr. game of thrones We hope you have a great time left with few broken bones Unde… Read more

Roaming and Rambling around Angkor Wat

There is nothing quite like feeling like a little kid again.... or like Indiana Jones depending on who you are but that is exactly how it felt to be running through all of the ruins of Tha Phrom, a close neighbor of Angkor Wat. When you go to the vast majority of temples surrounding Angkor Wat you walk through history, staring taking photos down hallways and through corridors, you go looking at the intricate stone work of a place that has been around for hundreds o… Read more

Phnom Penh & Cambodian History

After a strenuous few days partaking in service projects in Angtasom and Kampot we were looking forward to a more relaxed couple of days in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. We woke up early and said goodbye to the Mango Trees guesthouse - a place that we all agreed was our favourite accommodation on the trip so far. We drove around 4 hours to Phnom Penh and made a stop at the Killing Fields. Walking through Killing Fields was an educational and emotional experience… Read more

We are in Cambodia!

Day 43 marked a new chapter in our adventure. We bussed all day and arrived at the Meas Family Homestay just in time or dinner. We ate curry, spring rolls and soup with noodles. I didn't eat this kind of food before this trip, and yet, that meal strangely tasted like home. The following morning, when I awoke to the smell of pancakes, real, fluffy American pancakes, (with freshly made mango jam!) I realized that last nights meal was no exception. I discovered that S… Read more

Reflecting Back to Hoi An

From Hue, we traveled to the sea side town of Hoi An. After hearing so many positive reviews we were all excited to have three days to explore the area! With its quaint streets lined with tailors, colorful shops, delicious restaurants and its close proximity to the beach, we were soon all in love with the town! Many of us had clothes made - ranging from winter coats to summer dresses, suits and shoes. It was exciting to see the clothes take shape from picking the … Read more

Hanoi Exploration

Walking (or a more accurate description would be dodging the hundreds of motor bikes that raced by) in the streets of the capital city of Vietnam, we all realized what a distinct contrast our next few days would have with our time cruising, swimming, and kayaking around Halong Bay. Upon walking into the Hanoi Backpacker's Hostel, our group was offered free beers. Thus, the atmosphere of our new home was established to be a social, energetic place. The next day was… Read more

Halong Bay-ing

There are so many cool things about this trip that have been going on so far, I would be writing a book if I named all of them but there are two things in particular that I hear us talk about the most. One is the fact that we all get along so well and are such great friends already and two; that we get to do so many amazing things that push us out of our comfort zones. We are now half way through the trip and have experienced so many new things together, I'm so beyond co… Read more

What's Cookin' at our Vietnam Homestay?

I sat in a dimly lit kitchen, slicing cauliflower. I thought I was doing fairly well until my efforts were met with a gleeful cackle. "Too small!" Me crowed, poking at my minuscule cauliflower. I crowded my shoulders protectively over my vegetables, crying out "they're more edible this way!" Me and Kerr, our trekking guides were having a few of us (Joei, Jen, Shani) help them prepare a dinner along with the owners of the home stay. As all of the Vietnamese women p… Read more

A Laotian Boating Adventure: Nam Tha and Mekong River Exploration

Imagine yourself, sitting on a one-meter-wide wooden boat, a full-ball sun beating down on your sleep-deprived body. You want to sleep - need to, in fact - but you can't imagine how in the world you are going to mold your body into a comfortable enough position to get some satisfying rest. What do you do? Don't fret: Pack Disco crew to the rescue. I don't think I've ever seen such creativity, in any form, as I saw on those boats. Bodies conformed into unfathomable shape… Read more

Laos Jungle Trekking Adventure

Our trek in Laos l has been one of the most fun and meaningful experiences for me yet. We went for a 6-mile hike into the jungle to a rural village that can only be accessed by foot. Some people struggled more than others, but it was really amazing to see everyone push through and test their limits. Being active out in nature is such a big part of my life and experiencing it with everyone in the group was very powerful. After a couple hours of up hill hiking we sto… Read more