The day the Hummingbird flew home

As the Hummingbird prepared for her long flight home she looked back on her journey and all that she had learned from all of her new animal friends. She was sad to go back home, but in order to survive the transition back to normal life and live happily ever after, she was going to have to make some changes! Usually in her downtime before the trip, the hummingbird would sit on her phone, working on her next hilarious tweet. But the hummingbird has no desire to do that a… Read more

Abel Tasman by the Numbers

Here's a snapshot of the past week in Abel Tasman National Park, our South Island conservation project. Follow along with the photos below! 2,500 Kanuka trees and flax bushes planted 1860 - the year this London Plane tree was planted beside the driveway leading to our lodge, the historic Ngarata homestead 80 - the approximate age of this Kanuka forest; regrowth after being burned and cleared for farmland centuries ago. As Kanuka grows, it makes space on the forest flo… Read more

Aroha Mai, Aroha Atu

Koto matou waka Ko te rangimarie Te hoi o runga Kopuna o te aroha Heoi ano ra I haere mai ai Ko te ara whanaunga Kei mamao rawa ei We sang this song for a local Maori preschool (kohunga) after being traditionally welcomed to their community yesterday. After a week of service at Mimiwhangata Coastal Park, it was beautiful to meet those who keep the native culture alive. They have so much to give, yet we would never have had that opportunity if we were traveling j… Read more


Hello lovelies! I hope you are getting excited, not long now until we finally get to meet each other and go on an incredible journey through New Zealand and the Yasawa islands of Fiji. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Kim, and I'm really looking forward to meeting you all. I am a smiley, spontaneous, bad-car-singing Australian who has never met a person I didn't like. I have been traveling the world and leading small group adventures for the la… Read more

Today is the day we Find Nemo

"Are you excited?" I ask Suma, who's geared up in a wetsuit sitting next to me on our small motor boat. "I'm nervous" she says with a soft giggle that doesn't quite reach her nervous eyes. "I'm nervous about breathing," she confesses. "It'll be awesome," I say, reassuring myself just as much as her. "I'm sure we'll get the hang of it quickly." What I don't mention is how my stomach is doing flips, or how my heart race increases with every meter we draw closer to our de… Read more

The Day I Met My Distant Relative

As I walked out of the Te Papa National museum, I couldn't help but think that it's serendipitous moments like these that make me believe in fate and the deterministic tendencies of our universe. Or in other words, life can be really friggin awesome sometimes. Upon arriving at the Te Papa museum in Wellington, admittedly the stoke factor was low (to me museums do not really compare to sky diving and swimming with dolphins). After meeting our warm and welcoming local to… Read more

We didn't choose the hardcore life, the hardcore life chose us

Welcome to Te Kakaho, the ‘hardcore’ island, population 5. 
Hardcore defined as: the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement. As we stepped off the boat that day onto the small and rugged island of Te Kakaho, hardcore is what we felt and over the course of 5 days in the wilderness, hardcore is what we became. “We did not choose the hardcore life, the hardcore life chose us.” The first thing I (Jacob, the male island representative) noticed… Read more

Bula, New Zealand and Fiji Summer (B) Crew!

Bula, Extending a welcome warmer than the hot and humid air temp in Fiji to each and and all of you, 
the soon to be New Zealand and Fiji Summer Crew! Currently nestled in a hammock beneath a coconut tree, I cannot wait to share with you all both New Zealand and the Western Division of Fiji. My name is Lou one slice of your program leader equation, Along with Kim thrilled to be shortly embarking with you all on this occasion! I was born and bred in the New Zealand nat… Read more

Kia Ora

Kia Ora! Since our arrival in New Zealand on June 10th, our group has had the privilege to meet and interact with local people who have been so kind to welcome us into their communities and teach us about their culture and history. On Thursday, we visited a local school where we continued our volunteer work in a Northland community. We were greeted by Matua Jamie one of the teachers who lives in a house by the school with his wife and six kids. His children are the 5t… Read more

New Zealand Fiji Summer Welcome from Andy!

Heya team and a big kia ora from NZ! Vacava tiko? How y'all doing?? I'm sure you have all had some quality time with friends and family over the last few months and are now (like myself) chomping at the bit to get this NZ/Fiji trip started! I'm super excited to introduce myself to you all. My name is Andy and I was born and raised in a small rural area on the West Coast of the North Island in good old Aotearoa/NZ. Whenever I had a spare moment growing up, you would ha… Read more